Android will never be good enough

Why are androids a generation behind in power to the iphones?

This article will give you the answer to that question.

Android smartphones are highly customisable and open for the user in terms of installing and using third party apps, but there is a problem in this type of software.

The problem for this type of software is that there are too many devices with different hardware to run on.

There were around a billion (hundred crore) android smartphone users in the world in 2020. Multiple companies with different hardware and different skins makes it very hard to optimise android for every phone, hence the solution used by android is virtualisation and emulation to run on different hardware and run multiple applications not made specifically for that device.

This virtualisation comes at a cost which is power loss, the applications are not able to use the full power of the CPU hence the androids are usually slower.

I am not an apple fanboy, I use an android myself but i have to say that because apple has the control over their own hardware and software, they will probably stay ahead in the processing power game for some time.

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