How are these clones so cheap, are they stealing your data?

If you use a cloned smart device you need to read this article very carefully. When getting this amazing deal on your cloned product did you once think about how it is so cheap and its original counterpart is ten times the price? No, you probably just wanted that product but it was out of your budget and now you have an opportunity to own and use it.

Let me explain how these clones are so cheap.

The primary reason for the extremely low price is the quality of materials used in the components of these clones like a lower quality display, battery, PCB or Printed Circuit Board or less and lower quality memory. This drives the cost down drastically.

The secondary reason is no warranty or guarantee on the hardware or software. You may get a clone which will work like a normal device or you may get a clone that is unusable on the next day. This is the biggest issue with clones. You can never know what you are getting. Buying a clone is just like buying an apple without looking at it, you can get a good enough apple but you can also end up with a rotten one.

Now being a computer science bachelor I always thought that the clone maker can easily just install altered software to gather your personal data like your address, contacts, email or even record your audio to sell to advertising companies to show you relevant advertisements. This can very well be one of the reasons for the low cost.

Don’t you agree this is mind boggling, yet very possible.

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