The next Indian Billionaire

This article is not about a rich person, this is an idea which will make the next fastest Indian billionaire. But how you may ask. Read this article and maybe you will be the one!

This all is just speculation, but very possible if executed properly.

The idea is creating good but cheap electric cars specifically tailored for India which target the middle class. The company would have to start with a cheap but amazing car to gain attention that will also help them to spread the word about the car without spending a rupee on marketing.

The reason this idea will be a successful one because of multiple reasons which are,

as the pollution level increases worldwide and phenomena like global warming become more prominent, sustainable transport alternates will be enforced.

When this happens the company with the best electric vehicles (EV’s) will take over the country's transportation and that company will make a lot of money.

A great example of this strategy is Tesla currently prominent in the United States, but it is not coming to India any time soon because of the import taxes set by the Indian government.

The world is changing and we have to change according to it because we can’t run off to a different planet if something was to happen to this one, at least for now.

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