What is all the fuss about these M1 macs?

Obviously you are wondering, DANG!!. Another blog about these M1 macs, what’s up with all the people obsessing on the M1’s.

Well, there’s pretty good reasons to be obsessed with the new M1’s and why not , after all apple finally invented something ( I didn’t want to say that though ^̮^). Every single person is in awe of the new M1’s , especially macbook Air. AND! By this time the people owning intel ready to hear the beat drop: XD. So, that’s all about the banter . Diving into what this blog post is really about. You would have probably heard and saw by now all the specs for the new M1’s , so let me be clear that this post is not about the attributes for macs , rather what is going to be the revolution of computing after these have entered the market.

Let’s dive a little back to the first time Steve Jobs introduced the macbook’s in the tech market. Many people liked the transition with these new macbooks stepping into play. Since then Apple has made a good fortune out of these macbooks generation over the years.

Now, again just when everybody expected the least Apple dropped a bomb launching these M1 Macbooks . Nobody expected Apple to make such a big transition, though it took a very long time to make the right decision but here we are. The M1 Macbooks are really a shade apart not only from the other competitors in the market but from previous macbook’s too. Ditching Intel with everything going not very well (but well actually) , was an unexpected move. But with all the theories the M1’s have really taken the market by storm.

The macbook air launched in early 2020 who couldn’t even open a few browser tabs without frustrating the person using it let alone the noise it made, has now suddenly flipped in a machine which can do almost everything a 16 inch macbook Pro could do,

Without breaking much of a sweat and not to mention the $1400 gap. So, what does this mean? Is this a new computing revolution which will change the face of the tech world in the coming years. So to say most probably “YES!”.

Coming to the power of these beasts, they are a powerhouse of performance to it’s best. Coming without a fan the macbook air has got a really surprising boost in its performance and so does the macbook pro and Mini. Extended battery lifeand improved colour display add to it’s gravitas. And not to mention the gaming step-in is really going well, with good graphic performance and smooth playing.

These macbooks outperform their competitors by a big margin. Not to say that this is the first generation of the M1 macs. These laptops have an integrated chip that makes all the difference in performance. The benchmarks say it all, and also the real world performance under high load is not very far away from these benchmarks.

If we talk about whether these M1 chips will be made available to higher ends macs too. Apple has already made it clear that by the 2nd half of 2021 they will be drafting new M1 chips in the macbook 16 inch. Just how amazing are they going to be and there would be a lot of conjecture around its pricing as the current 16 inch seems to be priced a bit too high. One of the most important questions is that will “Apple completely leave Intel behind”? . Addressing this company has made it clear that they will still continue selling Intel macbooks for some reason best known to them: XD. Though with the coming of M1 macs there is a high chance of Intel macs soon going out of the picture.

These M1’s also have a huge impact on IPhones as they can run many IPhone apps through the Rosetta emulator. So, there’s a lot to see what the future beholds for the computers in the next generation( with Apple also trying to prove a point to the gaming community).

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