Will formal education perish as the internet grows?

This question came into my mind while I was preparing for my mid semester exams. If you read my blog, you might already know that I am a student pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering in India. The reason this question came into my mind is the lack of knowledge of real life problem solving given by the Institutes and Universities. Any university providing formal education should have their main focus on teaching how to solve real life issues encountered by people, but all they do is shower us with information, which by the way is already available for free on the internet. What they don’t understand is me knowing how to solve a question applying Intermediate Value Theorem won’t help me pay my taxes in the future.

As we become more and more engaged with technology, the need for formal education will befall because the information they give is already available for free and the speed of innovation in the teaching learning process is very low, which is going to be a point to note when a student is considering applying for formal education in the future.

This has already started to take effect in some countries.

Though it feels like it is the inevitable future, but let's wait and see what happens.

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